26 September 2015


General goods

There aren’t any stores available on the park. But in Wemeldinge, in a walkings distance, is the grocery store Spar, situated on Dorpsplein 23, phone: 0113 – 621485. The Spar is open from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 till 19.00 hours, Fridays from 8.30 till 20.00 and Saturdays from 8.00 till 16.00 hours. During the Dutch summer holiday, Spar is also opened from 9.00 till 12.00.


The villa park has a playing ground with various activities like a seesaw and a swing. The playground is circa 60 metres away from the house and is in viewings distance.


If fishing is one of your hobbies then the Oosterschelde is perfect for you. Saltwater fishing in this area is both challenging and diverse. The fishing can be done from both onshore and offshore by boat. The Oosterschelde holds many fish species. Ranging from sole, flounder, sea bass and common dab until eel, cod, whiting and mackerel. Happy fishing!

The beautiful beaches

Looking outside through one of the windows you can see the dike, behind the dike lays the Oosterschelde, this particular area consists of two natural beaches which are perfect for recreational swimming and relaxing in the sand.

Indoor swimming

There is a sporting and swimming complex called Omnium available in Goes (ca. 9 km). Here you will find an indoor subtropical swimming pool with two big water slides, a beauty salon and sunbeds. Squashing, Tennis and indoor rock climbing are also available indoors at Omnium tel. 0113-233388.

Dinner opportunities

Right next to the park lays Cafe Casco. Cafe Casco also has a small cafeteria with easy meals and take out.

KPN Hotspot WiFi

The park has a KPN Hotspot internet service available so you can stay online on WiFi during your stay.

For details and pricing you can contact the reception of the park.